Cruising Class


Cruise Aboard the Cruising Class

The traditional fleet of TradeWinds sailing catamarans, ranging from 41 ft to 56 ft, serve our at various sailing locations. They all have a crew of two, serving six to ten guests, depending on the model of the yacht.

Located throughout the Caribbean, Central America and Europe, they keep delivering exciting and joyful experiences to guests.

Since the launch of the new yachting classes cruising and Luxury, TradeWinds has also started the replacement program of the original fleet of Cruising Class catamarans

Introducing the Cruising Class

TradeWinds was born when SY “Turquiose Dreams” was splashed in 1999. She sailed all the way from South Africa to Sint Maarten in the heart of the Caribbean.

Privileges and Marquises joined a growing fleet.

They range from 41′ to 56′ and have 3, 4, or 5 cabins.

In the saloon area where you will typically find the galley (kitchen), the bar, the chart table and comfortable inside seating.

The traditional catamarans are comfortable in and out with plenty of space to sit and relax, lay and catch the sun or unwind after the stress of sipping on a cocktail.

The sailing experience is awesome on a Cruising Class catamaran. They are small enough to be agile in the water yet big enough to provide ample accommodation space for you.

Over the last few years TradeWinds has begun to replace the Traditional fleet with new Fountaine-Pagot TradeWinds 50’s and a Lagoon 500.

While these catamarans are new, this will not change the Cruising Class experience, the fun on board or the quality of this class of cruise.

Note: as with all classes, we cannot book you on a particular boat. For Luxury class, for instance, we realize that this is not a problem, as each catamaran in Luxury class is a near identical TradeWinds 59. With Cruising Class however, the boats vary a lot. We hope you, as our guests, realize that we cannot book you on a particular boat, with a particular crew or on a particular brand of Cruising Class boat. Besides, new experiences include having a new crew introduce you to their boat! It’s FUN!

Stepping aboard

You can step aboard a cruising Class catamaran. To book this amazing Class Contact Us to check availability for your next dream cruise.