Sail in
Bocas del Toro

Hola y Bienvenido! Experience your very own 'Lost World' adventure, as we set sail for Central America and the enchanting islands of Panama.

Uninhabited islands, an abundance of history and culture and the remarkable natural beauty of Panama makes this one of our best vacation destinations.

Bocas del Toro (meaning "Mouth of the Bull") and its islands are a nature lover's paradise. Offering unspoilt nature, a sanctuary for a variety of wildlife and the perfect location to relax and unwind.

Only three hours from Miami, Florida and six hours from Los Angeles, the magic of Panama is just a short flight away. A truly once in a lifetime TradeWinds experience, be sure that you don't miss out. Book your dream vacation on one of our luxury Panama yacht charters.

Imagine waking up to a sunrise over a beautiful Atlantic Ocean view, and watch the sunset as it lingers over the Pacific. Nowhere else in the world offers this ultimate bucket list experience, except for Panama.

This amazing and truly unique Central American country has so much to offer, you won't know where to start. In fact, to truly understand what makes this country one of the best vacation destinations, you'll need to step away from the mainland.

Bocas del Toro and its archipelago of enchanting Islands are situated on the Caribbean coast, in north east Panama. With its lush vegetation and wonderful marine life, these islands are ideal for nature lovers. Listen to the mesmerizing sounds of the rainforest as you relax by the water's edge. Snorkel in the Hanging Gardens amongst reefs and mangroves, or dive in the cays with enormous angel fish and rays.

Tropical island bays frame pristine white sandy beaches, whilst inland thick rainforest covered hills are home to local flora, fauna and wildlife. With some of the best excursions the island has to offer, sit back and relax as we visit Sloth Island, and watch these remarkable mammals in their natural habitat. Bocas del Toro is also home to the best chocolate in Panama, so a trip to a local chocolate farm to see how Panama's newest export is cultivated and produced is a must!

Take a romantic stroll along the pristine sands, or visit the local towns for a spot of shopping and get a taste of the vibrant Caribbean energy.

Upon arrival to Bocas del Toro, you'll need to take a water taxi where you’ll find us situated at Bocas Marina.

Book yourself a room with a view on one of our luxury, all-inclusive Panama yacht charters and let us show you the secrets of Panama. Your Central American dream vacation starts here.

Our Panama yacht charter crew is looking forward to welcoming you aboard soon.

Sailing Highlight

Sailing from Starfish Beach to Dolphin Bay, passing through Tierra Oscura (The Dark Lands), is a prime example of sailing in the rain forest. It has the feel of sailing on a wide river at parts, or on a big lake in other parts, and on a clear day you would almost expect to see snow on the mainland mountain peaks.

Diving Highlight

The Hanging Gardens offer a unique mixture of a shallow soft coral reef, and mangroves that almost overshadow the reef. When the light is coming from the right angle, this snorkeling is, for lack of better words,  just ...  perfect!

It was great! Perfect Hosts, great food, plenty of drinks,great experiences! Great Vacation!!!!


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