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‘Bula’! Join us aboard our Luxury Class TradeWinds 59’ and Cruising Class TradeWinds 52’ as we discover Fiji’s beautiful islands in the heart of South Pacific.

Discover paradise on earth as you set sail and experience superb sailing, marvellous marine life and beautiful beaches in one of the world’s most picture perfect destinations. The ideal location if you’re looking for a romantic vacation with a loved one or whether you want to indulge in some of the finest diving and water sports in the world!

Enjoy exploring the island chains of Mamanuca and Yasawa as we sail to some of the best beaches and take you to some of our favourite spots in the South Pacific. With a rich culture of Polynesian, Melanesian and Indian influences, you’ll experience the perfect all-round vacation.

Fiji is sure to excite sailors, divers, adventurers and those looking to unwind. In fact, we think that Fiji is a perfect destination for a dream vacation of a lifetime!

The wonders of Fiji are waiting to welcome you. Availability begins from September 2017 onwards.

Welcome to Fiji, the playground of the South Pacific! A rich culture made up of Melanesian, Polynesian, and significant Indian influences, Fiji is sure to excite sailors, surfers, divers and the adventurous at heart. With rugged high rising mountains, coral reefs, and beautiful beaches coupled with Polynesian culture, (and the Indian palate firmly entrenched in the cuisine) Fiji is a sensual delight for all comers.

Long-known as a paradise for Australian travelers, the country has developed modern amenities with lush resorts, providing all the comforts for the extravagant traveler.  However, Fiji still manages to maintain its cultural heritage with a timeless, age-old feel when visiting the outer islands and villages. Ancient rituals are still very much practised, and very much expected in the world renowned Fijian welcome … “BULA”!

This is a sample itinerary. Weather or other outside factors may mean that your skipper sets an alternative course.

Arrival Day – Saturday

Our first day sees you joining Wanderlust at Port Denarau; a marvelous modern marina with restaurants, shops, spas, and all your last-minute needs before setting off on your trip back in time to the beautiful Mamanuca and Yasawa island chains. You will be welcomed with a big "BULA" by the crew, and a cold welcome cocktail. Relax, unpack, enjoy the sunset while you meet your new travel partners.

Cruising Day 1 - Sunday

We head sixteen miles out into the Pacific, but with islands and fringing reefs we would expect that most of our journey will take place in relatively smooth waters. Today we will visit Castaway Island, which you may recognise as the island where Tom Hanks filmed the movie of the same name.

Before anyone goes ashore or undertakes any activities, the Captain (and yourself if you so choose) must take an appropriate sized bundle of the slightly narcotic root plant known as “kava” to present to the Chief of the village. Together we will perform the age-old ritual known as “Sevu Sevu”. We will mash and drink a muddy brew with the Chief, and he, in turn, will grant permission to visit his island and her surrounding waters.

Fijian waters are rich with sea life, and with over thirty five islands to choose from we will literally “go with the flow”. Come ashore on Castaway Island, and on your beach walk befriend your very own “Wilson”, or snorkel on the sand cay nearby. We drop anchor in one of the many anchorages around here tonight, and, with the main island now over twenty miles away - time slows down and the skies light up.

Cruising Day 2 - Monday

Staying with the Hollywood theme, today we head off to the blue lagoon, a natural harbour formed by three large islands named Nanuya Sewu, Tavewa, and Matacawaleva; with dreamy colours, corals and a beautiful sand spit.  This area became famous when Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins starred in the 1980 film of the same name. Around the blue lagoon on Nacula Island there is a reef pass which is frequented by manta rays during certain times of year. We will dive the pass and, if we’re lucky, we will swim with some of these marvellous creatures.

Once in the sheltered anchorage of the lagoon, take a stroll along the beautiful sands and paddle-board or kayak in the smooth waters.  If you feel like taking a walk, there’s a short hike up the hill to visit a local legend who runs a quaint little tea house.  At the summit, you will be rewarded with beautiful views and nice cool breezes, and some exceptional local hospitality. We will have dinner ashore here tonight with a kava ceremony and some local cuisine.

Cruising Day 3 - Tuesday

We set sail for Yasawa Island, the northernmost island in the chain. This is an island of stark contrasts;  its windblown and weathered flat top and dry vegetation make way to pure white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters. The northern parts of the island are situated in the wind channel created by the main islands of Vita Levu and Vana Levu, and are blessed with constant cooling tradewinds.

Sailing on the leeward side of the large Yasawa Island we will experience beautiful flat water and an exhilarating sail. We will anchor tonight at Champagne Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are many delightful little bays to explore by snorkel, foot, or by water craft. Not many vessels nor tourists make it this far, so you will enjoy the quiet serenity, and brilliant night sky.

Cruising Day 4 - Wednesday

Today we sail to Sawa-I-Lau, where we will visit and swim through a large underwater cave system. With a hidden entrance and skylight chamber, the first portion is accessible to all comers. For the adventurous, the further reaches and inner chamber need to be entered by swimming underwater through a natural arch into an amazing and unforgettable sunlight cavern, where our local guide will share stories of how the ancients first discovered this amazing jewel.

Before we go into the cave, your Captain must meet with the Chief and perform the Sevu Sevu. The Chief will invite the villagers to perform a traditional song and dance in the afternoon, after our cave adventure. In the Chiefs words: “I will ask the villagers to perform and they will agree”. It’s good to be the Chief!

The villagers here also make arts and crafts, and you may want to purchase something as a memento of your journey.

Cruising Day 5 - Thursday

We head south along the Yasawa chain to Naviti Island, and anchor in Somo Somo Bay.  Here you may wish to search for the WWII plane wreck, in shallow water off the open beach.  This is just a short stroll from our anchorage, in a delightful land-locked bay with lovely corals and all weather protection. There are many dive sites around here, so we will expect to blow some bubbles before finding anchor for the night, and sampling some TradeWinds-style local produce.

Cruising Day 6 - Friday

Sailing today takes us to northernmost island of the Mamanuca chain; a scenic group of islands with resorts and world-famous surfing spots on the outer reef.  We will visit Navadra and Vanua Levu, an atoll-like, semi-circle of protected water, with beautiful reefs and a photogenic sand-spit that joins the two main islands to a third islet. Here we will snorkel, dive, and relax - but not necessarily in that order. In the afternoon we will set sail on a downwind run back to Port Denarau, where dinner will be taken ashore at one of the marina’s many restaurants.

Departure Day Saturday

After a generous breakfast, it’s time to pack, exchange emails and plan your next amazing TradeWinds experience ... who knows where to go next?  It’s good to be the Chief!

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