Looking for a unique, luxury yacht charter experience that is unparalleled in service and adventure? TradeWinds is the premier choice for your perfect dream vacation.

Not only can you choose from some of the most exotic charter destinations in the world, you will experience the mystique of uncharted territories, whilst enjoying five-star, all-inclusive luxury.

Shared Yacht Charter or Private Yacht Charter?

With TradeWinds you can reserve just a cabin on our much-loved shared luxury yacht charters, where you book only the space you need. We will then find other sailing enthusiasts for you to share the experience with.

Alternatively, you can book a crewed private luxury yacht charter and make this an exclusive vacation for friends and family - ideal for a celebration or a special occasion. Our yachts range from 3-6 double occupancy cabins, each with a private on-suite bathroom.


Swim, scuba or snorkel in turquoise blue waters and explore fabulous white sandy beaches lined with palm trees and exotic flora and fauna. Or simply relax under the warm sun and listen to the waves gently lapping against your yacht.

Whether you enjoy the excitement of sailing and being active on-board, or relaxing and appreciating the beauty of the secluded bays that you sail into, a TradeWinds yacht charter is the perfect vacation for you. And unlike a hotel room, our yachts move, so we give you a new view to wake up to each and every morning!

Our luxury catamarans are stable and allow you to sit back and relax even under full sail. The only thing that will occupy your mind is watching the dolphins swim alongside as your yacht gracefully takes you onto the next secret location.

All our yachts have large saloon areas ideal if you wish to relax inside with that new book, and large cockpits perfect for dining and relaxing with friends over a cocktail.

And don't forget that with ladders that drop into the ocean, a cool dip is only a few steps away. Whether you want to socialize or have quiet time, you will find areas on-board which cater to your needs. Our catamarans have been designed to offer you the best of both worlds!


Sailing with TradeWinds is an all-inclusive experience, with every amenity taken care of by our diligent crew. Simply arrive and we will do the rest!

A wide range of amenities and services are available to you on-board, including first class cuisine prepared by our on-board chef, as well as a generous and well stocked open bar.

We offer our fabulous much-loved menus, which include a wide range of dishes. Your meals are prepared using fresh, local ingredients, making it a culinary delight, no matter the destination. Do you have special dietary requirements? No problem! For those with special dietary wishes, we are more than happy to amend the week's menu to suit you and your party.

Do you dream about enjoying tropical cocktails in an exotic location? Come and join us for our famous "noodle-bar" - your cocktail experience will never be the same again!

From delicious food, prepared from fresh local produce to the enjoyment of cocktails as you relax and watch the stunning sunsets, you will discover that a TradeWinds sailing vacation is one that you will never forget.


Whether you want to simply relax and take it easy, or get adventurous and explore your surroundings, the choice is yours. Choose an island tour or find enough energy to slip off those sunglasses and take a dive into some of the finest waters on the planet!

With TradeWinds you can choose to spend your days swimming, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving, or simply relax and enjoy the ocean's sights and sounds.

Set off from your yacht in one of our ocean kayaks and take a little adventure of exploration along stunning coastlines. Our steady ocean kayaks are available on all catamarans and offer you the opportunity to explore the hidden and secluded areas of coastline.

Have some fun exercising, take a romantic stroll, or alternatively take some drinks and a book with you to spend some private time with your loved one on a deserted beach or in a cove.

Many of the world's most colorful reefs and underwater habitats are in protected, shallow waters, perfect for a lazy afternoon of snorkeling over the abundant undersea landscapes. Never snorkeled? No worries - our crew will be happy to introduce you to this wonderful pastime!

Fishing equipment is available for trolling whilst underway, or you can try your luck fishing at anchor as well.

For qualified divers, our itineraries take you to some of the finest underwater environments with the clearest waters on the planet. And your captain or their first mate is a qualified dive master, so you can dive right off the back of your yacht. Here you will find the oceanic flora and fauna in its natural place, so get your dive gear ready (which we have onboard) as you discover amazing and mesmerizing marine life. Explore "The Big Blue" with us on your next cruise, and prepare to be amazed!

Alternatively, simply step ashore and explore the local colorful markets, where you will find that extra-special treasure to take home.


For a vacation that combines all the fun of sailing and adventure with great meals and the chance to meet new friends, our "Cruising Class” yacht is made for you.

If you desire more space on-board, including a flybridge for some all-important relaxing and socializing, then our "Luxury Class” yacht is the perfect choice.

However, if you want to savor our enhanced menu, taste our highest selection of wines and experience the ultimate in on-board pampering, we recommend our "Flagship Class" yacht.

All of our luxury yacht charters are all-inclusive, so all you need to do is simply choose your preferred catamaran class when you book your cabin.


Our catamarans are located in some of the most stunning locations in the world. We have explored the surrounding areas extensively and have become local specialists - we know where to take you, in order to give you those unique experiences that we know you are after. Why not find your new favourite island, whether it’s in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the South Pacific or Central America? Learn more about these fantastic destinations.


What is bareboating? Well, until TradeWinds, bareboating was the only real option when it came to sailing. Bareboating is when you rent a boat, without crew and provisions and you are responsible for taking care of everything including insurance, permits and fees. It can be hard work to provision a boat, even for the most experienced sailor.

We offer you an all-inclusive, luxury experience where you can simply relax, or take the helm and learn to sail with our fully qualified Captain by your side, even if you have no sailing experience. From the moment you step onto your yacht, to the moment you begin your journey home, our professional Captain and Chef team, will look after your every need. This means you can concentrate on your vacation, and simply explore, dream and discover all that your chosen destination has to offer.


Reserving your cabin is easy with TradeWinds. Click the button below to browse our destinations and find your dream vacation. Once you’ve decided on a destination, reserve your cabin and leave the rest to us. All you have to do is book a flight, dust off your passport and pack some beachwear!

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