Discover Adventure at Sea with TradeWinds

There’s more to a luxury yacht charter than relaxing on deck, with a glass of something chilled enjoying the views as you cruise into exclusive Caribbean destinations! For those seeking adventure at sea, and who want to try their hand at something new and exciting, we have the perfect activities for you to try.

The shallow Caribbean Sea is home to an amazing array of fascinating, colorful coral reefs and superb shipwrecks waiting to be explored. So if you’re a scuba diver, you won’t want to miss out on an exciting underwater adventure. In fact, check out our top ten favorite dive sites. [Link to Article 2]

If scuba diving doesn’t take your fancy, or you don’t hold the required PADI ‘Open Water’ certification, then we offer some other great activities that you can experience on your next TradeWinds vacation.


If you’ve never tried snorkeling before, or you haven’t tried snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea, then you’re in for a real treat. Our crew will be happy to introduce you to this wonderful pastime! Offering warm, clear and calm turquoise waters teeming with amazing marine life, makes for the perfect place for snorkeling. You won’t need to dive to the depths of the deep blue to find yourself snorkeling amongst rays, nurse sharks, turtles and colorful tropical fish. If scuba diving into the deep is a little bit daunting, then get your snorkel gear ready, and enjoy the freedom that snorkeling in the shallows offers.

Discover a mysterious underwater world beneath our feet, as you grab your snorkel gear and dive in. Don’t have your own snorkel gear? That’s no problem, as all of luxury catamarans carry snorkel gear on board. All you have to do is dive in and explore an amazing underwater world.

Sea Kayaking

We think that sea kayaking is the perfect way to view both land and sea. Not only is it fun, but it’s a great way to enjoy all that the Caribbean has to offer. Set off from your yacht in one of our sea kayaks and explore the hidden and secluded areas of coastlines.

For the uninitiated, sea kayaking is a great way to explore the pristine waters of the Caribbean, and you’ll find our steady sea kayaks available on all catamarans. If you’re new to sea kayaking, then our crew will be happy to help you with this fun activity.


Enjoy a spot of deep sea fishing whilst you catch a fish or two for supper! We carry our own fishing equipment on all of our luxury catamarans, and this is available for use whilst trawling is underway, just speak to your Captain.

Looking for a vacation, with fun, action and adventure, whilst your travel companion enjoys relaxation, peace and tranquility? With TradeWinds you can experience the very best of both worlds.

Experience snorkeling, sea kayaking and fishing as part of your dream vacation in some of the best Caribbean destinations.

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